Worth County wetland project billed as first of its kind in state

In 1997, a task force came together to look at water quality issues along the Mississippi River and in the Gulf of Mexico Watershed. The issue? How large areas with low oxygen due to nutrient ... read more

Extreme heat affects bird breeding in wetland

NEW DELHI: The Surajpur Wetland in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida which boasts a diversity of water birds witnessed low summer breeding. According to the findings of the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC), ... read more

South Waikato dairy farmer's wetland punt pays off

Gray and Marilyn Baldwin's wetland on their South Waikato dairy farm has come full circle. "It's cool", Gray says as he looks out on the edge of the wetland that was once marginal pasture land. "When ... read more

Walnut Creek Wetland Park a place for learning, play

Raleigh, N.C. — There's a cranny in south Raleigh where Walnut Creek flows. It's a place where floodwaters sometimes rise and the ground likes to be muddy. Walnut Creek Wetland Park is a playground ... read more

Birds seen at Wuyuan River Wetland Park in south China's Hainan

An oriental magpie robin is seen at Wuyuan River Wetland Park in Haikou, capital of south China's Hainan Province, July 14, 2019. (Photo: Xinhua) Kentish plovers search for food at Wuyuan River ... read more

Wasteland to wetland: How landfill site was transformed

Garbage has been removed from the Sector 54 site and it has been dug up in the shape of a pond Now that the Sector 54 landfill has been cleaned, most of the refuse derived fuel produced after ... read more

Perth council to transform 'tired-looking' drain site into micro wetland

A drain in Perth’s northeast will be transformed into a micro wetland complete with birds, frogs and native flora. The drainage site is in Morley Activity Centre, which is in the catchment of the ... read more

‘Nano bioremediation on Anzali wetland worrisome’

Bioremediation is a process used to treat contaminated water, soil and subsurface material, by altering environmental conditions to stimulate growth of microorganisms and degrade the target pollutants ... read more

County says wetland concerns for new highway garage are minor

Bartholomew County officials say concerns about a wetland on the future site of the county’s new highway garage are more a “nuisance” than a “problem.” More than a month ago, the Indiana Department of ... read more

Wetland basins near Great Salt Lake will clean stormwater, help wildlife

KAYSVILLE — The bulldozer is rumbling across the ground, scooping up huge mounds of dirt and leaving gaping holes in its wake. It looks like a destructive mess on the west side of Kaysville on land ... read more

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